Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

matthew is slowly getting better....

hello all, well, PRAYERS ARE WORKING, THANK YOU GOD and everyone!! well, last night he did MUCH BETTER than the night before....he is down to 1.5 liters of oxygen and is holding his own. he is still sating low at 92 and when he falls asleep or gets excited, he will drop into the 80's but still, it is BETTER than being on 6 liters of oxygen and doing the same....he is still getting his IPV treatments every 4 hours and his albuterol in between there...he is still on a HIGH dose oral steroids but he is COMPLAINING and getting FUSSY and that is WONDERFUL TO HEAR!! he had been really quiet and not talking and such but today, he is sitting up and playing with his toys instead of just listlessly laying there doing THANK GOD FOR FUSSINESS!! :) he is still a very sick little boy but THRU PRAYERS i know he will turn around! we also got transfered to PIMC out of PICU so that is a step in the right direction!! AND i also have my laptop and now the hospital has WIRELESS INTERNET in the rooms soooooo YAYAYAYAYA!!! i get to play too and update with more easy than having to run up to the 4th floor and wait for a computer to update!!! :)

alex is doing well with grandma....he is having the run of the house!! he LOVES his grandma and grandma loves right back! he can do no wrong so i probably will have a little spoiled kiddo by the time we finally get back home!!! but that is ok...he deserves to be SPOILED!!! joshua is doing well too! he is doing great and just enjoying all the attention!!!

i have been BLESSED to have so many friends and family asking us what is needed and praying for us....THANK YOU ALL!!! my heart swells as i write this!! i have a WONDERFUL LOVING FRIEND that brought me lunch yesterday (thank you) and today and another that said she would do that for sunday....THANK YOU THANK YOU!! my husband is in IRAQ and he has been really upset about this....he is usually the one that is running around with alex and bring food and just being our SUPPORT at home while i am usually with matthew so he has been SOOOO TOUCHED that my friends are helping out with such a big thing like FOOD!! unfortunatly, we have had to make the hospital our home for a time and we hoped that during his tour we would not have to go thru this extended stay (in october, he had a big sz w/airlife but we got out the next day) but unfortunately it has happened but we are FINE, THANK YOU GOD......

so, THANK YOU EVERYONE for the prayers, good thought and support during this time...i will keep ya'll updated!!