Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Monday, March 17, 2008


wowowowowow, i had such a WONDERFUL BLOGGIN WEEK!! i had so much fun visiting all those WONDERFUL BLOGS out there!! i just was able to visit a HANDFUL (about 30 or so) and there are sooooo many MORE!! i am so happy that the 5 minutes for mom are still going to have those blog post up so that i can continue my journey meeting new friends!!!

well, if you can believe it, I WON A PRIZE!!! :) i won some books!! and you know me and books!! WOOOO-HOOOO!! i was so happy to read that!! i can't wait to recieve them!!! i have never won something like this!!

well, i know that i have not kept up my posting during this was my little spring break....trying to get back on track with life in general and just enjoying VISITING BLOGS!!! and so much has gone on in my life...

let's see, i have been doing fine....missing james and just WAITING and COUNTING the days that he will GOD WILLING come home!! hard to believe that it has been OVER 9 MONTHS SINCE HE LEFT!!! wwowow....i miss him so much! i just think of him and just get sad that he is missing so much of our kids lives! he is missing seeing joshua eat, sit up, talk tons and matthew starting to walk, alex just growing and reading and so much....just us being the family that we ARE!!! it is getting HARDER, if can believe that as the days are getting CLOSER?! does that make sense to anyone??? i hear him and get so ANXIOUS to have him here!! i guess that is it...but i can't WAIT to get him HOME WITH HIS FAMILY!! i keep thinking about RV'ING with our FAMILY for a while and just being TOGETHER!!! i just keep PRAYING that he comes home HEALTHY AND SAFETLY!!!

anyway, i am doing fine...just adjusting to having my 3 boys that are ALL starting to be active at the SAME TIME!! it is fun to see matthew starting to want to do things because joshua is doing it!! and alex is just amazing me with his knowledge of EVERYTHING!!! he just comes up with the best things!

i love my ALONE time! that time is after all the boys are asleep and i get to watch all the shows i DVR'd!! sometimes, i find myself staying up till 1200 just watching my shows or seeing whats on tv! it is just a time for ME, no cartoons no kids...just ME! i REALLY love it!! i also love spending time with my WONDERFUL friends...i love when we go out to eat lunch together just the girls or just talking during playdates or just talking on the phone...that is MY TIME....i need that adult converstation with other mommy's....we had so much FUN when we did our girls lunch out just LAUGHING at our stories....i love that time!!! my MIL has been such a HELP!! i am so happy i had her here....i THANK GOD FOR HER!! she has been a true help!!!

james is doing BETTER!! he thinks that it might have been the SAND STORMS that were going on...he said they were BAD!! he is taking some allergy pills and just still trying to adjust his times so that he is AWAKE in the early AM thru is really tough! at least, there is LESS people in the lines for the phone during those times!! anyway, he is COUNTING THE DAYS till he get's home..he is so tired and wants to come HOME!!

so many people have offered to help and I SO APPRECIATE IT!!! THANK YOU ALL! i have gotten emails, and phonecalls....i am so grateful!! thank you!!!

well, i am going to do some seperate posts for the much to tell!


MaBunny said...

Hiyas maria! I too have been busy and haven't been able to visit your blog in awhile, but I just noticed I have some catching up to do with all your posts. Will try to get thru them today.
I too won something off the blog party - from Mommysbracelets. I ordered a personalized keychain. It is supposed to get here this week sometime and I will post a pic of it and the link on my blog. I too entred all the book giveawasy,but didnt' get any of those. Which boks did you win? I just got turned onto a new book I'm currently reading and I love it, and actually got to talk to the author ( whole other story) but its called Sleeping with Ward Cleaver and is hilarious!!
Visit my in blogland and I will hopefully hear from you soon!