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Thursday, March 27, 2008

well, it didn't take him long....

this morning, i woke up to the sounds of matthew moaning at 4am.....i went to check on him and yes, you guessed it, HE WAS BURNING UP WITH FEVER!!! 102.5 and congested.....ok, it only took him over 48 HOURS to get sick again after his last dose of ANTIBIOTICS!!!!!!!!!!!! i could keep going with those !...all i could do was LAUGH because you just had to in disbelief or sit there and SCREAM!!!!! so, i called the pulmonologist this am and told her what was going on and when the nurse called me back, the first thing out of her mouth was, "oh, no!! your kidding! " what else was there to say?! if you remember the last post on his CT the dr said, that if in the NEXT 7-10 days he got sick again, then we probably KNEW it was the SINUS!! soooo....did he catch something at the hospital? or is this what has been plaguing him since june? or is it the sinus? we are BACK on treatments every 4 hours and suctioning...his nose started up AGAIN too! and he's congested....what do i DO? i feel sooo bad for this little didn't take more than 3 days to get sick again.....he was better for a little more than 2 weeks this time around....not much time if you think about it! poor little now we see what the dr has to say...i think she is going to send us over to an ENT....i PRAY THAT THEY DON'T SEND US TO THE ENT CLINIC AT WHMC....but i am pretty sure we will end up there...and that is not a good thing...why? because then we would have to be there at WHMC instead of our hospital of choice!! well, as long as they get it right, right?

anyway, any prayres, good thoughts his way would be WONDERFUL.....i am jut sad for just feel like pulling on your hairs in fustration...ESPEICALLY since he had been eating like a CHAMP....almost a full meal and today NOTHING....all because of this congestion.....i bet if he felt as good as he did the last 2 weeks, he would be eating ALL THE TIME!!! this child was doing sooooo well! from going from almost NOTHING by mouth to eating like a NORMAL KIDDO to back to nothing because he doesn't feel good....fustrating...

on a side was kinda interesting this week starting on was my FIRST TIME having soooo many days WITHOUT a nurse!! i did not have one sat or sun, had one for 4 hour on tues and noone on wed!! and i did just fine, THANK YOU GOD! just one of those things!!!


Bekki said...

Hey girl..I FINALLY did the meme. I'm so slow.
I didn't go to the MLH meeting because I didn't get my postcard until just before, and didn't have to rsvp about the kids. meeting for me..was it good??
So sorry to see all you continue to go through with Matthew.

Maria said...

Gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that! Poor guy! Take good care of him!

threelilmnms said...

How is Matthew doing? I pray he's doing better. Do you have family close by? Will be praying for you.