Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Friday, March 21, 2008


well, we have had a GREAT WEEK....i really didn't know if i was going to do anything but we did!! just some FUN STUFF!! at the begining of the week, it was a REALLY WET time here in town...there was even some MUD RAIN!!! yeah, that was pretty freaky if you saw our vehicles!! they looked like we had all just gone MUDDING!! pretty strange!

well, on monday, we went to take pictures with the EASTER BUNNY!! awww, my sil reminded me that we had not taken them and we went to take them and here they are:

well, on wed, we went to the ZOO and had some FUN!! wow, i am so happy that we got there when it opened because when we got out of there at noon, the line was 5 deep and it was just crazy!! we got out of there right on time!! unfortuantly i forgot my camera!! i could not believe i did that!! anyway, we had a GREAT TIME and just enjoyed being with my cuz and her family!! FUN! and can't wait to go out there again!

then thursday, we went to see HORTON HEARS A WHO with a great friend of mine and her kids! we had lunch AT MCD's and then made our way over there!! NICE!! and very cute movie!! as for lunch, MATTHEW ATE A NUGGET (his first), AN ORDER OF SM FRIES, and 3 cups of POPCORN at the movies!!!! can you believe that???? that is the most he has eaten and he would have kept going! it has always been about endurence with his chewing and his jaws so i think he is building up the strength! i am so proud of him!! he is building up his strength!! YIPPPEEE!!! and we got some WONDERFUL NEWS but i will actually have it's own post!!

then friday, we basically just hung around and went to a FISH FRY at a local church and had lunch with my cuz t and her kiddos! it was fun...then we visited a aunt that i had not seen in YEARS and it was really nice to just see them and visit with them for a while!!

all in all, this week has been WONDERFUL!! this weekend will be the FIRST weekend WITHOUT NURSES!!! yep, they are both off this weekend so it will be just me and my kids! we plan to go to g-ma's house on EASTER and just hang out for a bit!! i sure wish james was there with us...

we talked to him friday and he is just so tired....can't wait to get home!!

and on a SIDE NOTE....i forgot to mention that we had attended a GREAT event by the STARLIGHT FOUNDATION on the 9th in AUSTIN!! we had soooo much fun! it was at the FOUR SEASONS there in austin and there was so much going on and the kids (and i) had a BLAST!!! i just love their events! i was so sad that we were unable to make the feb event of bowling but that was when matthew had strep!! anyway, just kuddos to them!! ALSO, for those here in our town, if you go to HOLLYWOOD VIDEO and you get that "damage protection" for 25 cents per rental, some of the procedes of that GOES to the starlight foundation!! just an FYI! i just found this out myself!!