Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Sunday, March 02, 2008


yes, that is our word for today...BETTER!! he is slowly improving and doing better. he is currently on 1 liter of oxygen and they are slowly bringing that down...GOD WILLING we will be let out by MONDAY....of course, whatever he needs to be at is where he will be. he is more active now and is playing and trying to jump out of his crib...MUCH BETTER!! unfortunatly he is still really junky and they are getting TONS of secretions out of him but all in all, better....

alex is doing well...he and grandma are having a wonderful 'SLEEPOVER' athome...he is enjoying his time with grandma....joshua is doing well too....he is never far from me and just enjoying playing on the floor on a mat with his toys....the nurses are giving him lots of love too!!

THANK YOU ALL for all the support and words of encouragment ya'll have given us...we are sooooo thankful! james feels so much more at easy knowing that there are so many out there that are praying, thinking and helping us has just been WONDERFUL! i prayed that there would be no extended stays while james was gone but it was not meant to be!! but HEY, over 8 months gone and it happened now...THANK YOU GOD! we just hope to go home SOON!!

anyway, i will keep ya'll has been a bit of an adjustment with having a BABY here too and alex being at home with grandma....i can't be WITH matthew when they are doing something where i would NORMALLY be right next to his side because usually the baby is in my arms or needing attention (never fails!) and with alex, i am having to LEAVE MATTHEW by himself (which i have NEVER NEVER DONE!!) while i go visit with alex and do some running around for the house!! i was HEARTBROKEN when i left yesterday to go be with alex and buy diapers for joshua, that he apparently CRIED the whole time i was GONE and when i walked down the hall i could hear him and when i walked in he was crying too!! that made me sooooo sad! usually, james is doing the running around with alex and i stay put with matthew but....

anyway, GOD WILLING SOON we will be HOME!!! i will keep ya'll updated...


Far From Perfect said...

Oh My Gosh Young Lady, you have your hands full. Sounds like maybe things are on the up-swing??? Hope all is well with your Bucca solider? Saw mine on wecam for the first time sunday.... he's lost 20 lbs???? Take care of yourself.